Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting Installations

Verselec’s Emergency Lighting will never leave you in the dark.

Need Emergency Lighting for your building?

We ensure the Emergency Lighting that is put into place will work systematically allowing a safe evacuation to take place. Emergency Lighting Installation is a legal requirement in many workplaces and residential areas, and therefore must be correctly installed and maintained.

At Veresec we make sure that your business or premises is complying with all safety requirements.

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Safety Guarantee

In order for your business or place of work to pass a fire safety inspection, your Emergency Lighting must be installed by a professional.

Here at Veresec we only use qualified electricians to undertake our work, so you can rest assured, you are safe in our hands. Firstly, we will conduct a check of your area. This is to measure out and locate the points at which the lighting will sit.

This is necessary as the lighting must fully illuminate the area to ensure safe exits can be made. Next we will install your system for you. We ensure this is done with minimal disturbance to your workplace and Business and in a clean and professional manner.

Finally, there will be maintenance checks that need to be scheduled in on a monthly, quarterly or an annual occurrence – this is subject to your insurance and regulation terms.

Verselec - Electricians Liverpool - Emergency Lighting - Commercial Electricians

Where do you need to install Emergency Lighting?

Escape Routes: In case of a fire Escape Route Lighting will illuminate up the exit clearly, allowing anybody inside a clear path out.

Open Areas: Communal Areas also need adequate lighting to allow people a clear route out without causing panic.

High Risk Areas: High Risk Area lighting provides emergency lighting for people located in areas where they are involved in potentially dangerous positions i.e. not in a direct route to an emergency stairwell thus ensuring them a safe exit.