Chandelier Lights

Looking at getting a Chandelier Installed?

Chandelier Lights will add a touch a class to any home…provided you’ve got the space, that is!

Chandelier Installation

If you’re looking at getting a chandelier installed, then contact Verselec today and we’ll have your new chandelier up and sparkling in no time

We ensure that you are getting the most out of your Chandelier by correctly and safely installing it for you.

At Veresec, we guarantee that we will treat your home and property with care, so you can rest assured your Chandelier Light will be installed in a professional manner by highly qualified electricians. We want to make sure you are happy with your Chandelier Installation and can enjoy it for many years to come.

Verselec - Electricians Liverpool - Lighting - Chandelier Lights

Safety Guaranteed

Chandelier Lights are tricky to install so we would always advise on seeking professional help when considering one for your home. There is close contact to direct wiring so professional assistance is highly recommended.

We will take all safety aspects into consideration. There are many regulations and procedures to follow when safely installing these types of light fittings as your ceiling must be able to hold the weight of your light.

There also needs to be sufficient power going to the chandelier, which may require upgrades to your electrical wiring or consumer unit.

Verselec - Electricians Liverpool - Lighting - Chandelier Lights

Things to consider when choosing a Chandelier

If you choose a Chandelier for your home there are also a few design considerations. How low is your ceiling in the designated room? If you are lucky to have high ceilings then it will really add an element of sophistication to your room.

What are the dimensions of the room? You don’t want it to overpower the whole room, so a careful design choice is essential. How much do you want to spend?

Chandeliers are expensive to purchase and require more maintenance than a regular light fitting, so be prepared for the additional cost. Check out this article for more tips on buying the perfect Chandelier.